Snow Crystals

23/10/2015 / Prints, Sketches /

Today I am working at my final major project again. To provide me from being distracted by various things I decided to use the IT room at LCF. Unfortunately I forgot a very important scan I’d need to finalize my print, therefor I am “forced” to do fun experimentation with what I have. Currently I am working on these crystal prints….

Saturday Night

17/10/2015 / Prints, Sketches /

I absolutely love how simply you can transform a doodle you did without even thinking of anything in an interesting looking print wth a few easy steps in Photoshop. I have been a big fan of Photoshop for a long time and usually use it for most of my artwork, especially the one that is meant to stay digital. To transform a drawing with adjustements, duplications and transformations is always fascinating and makes the time fly. Here a few prints I did this night…

So I decided to create more prints….

21/08/2015 / Prints, Sketches /
So I decided to create more prints….-1

So I have decided to start working on my final major project during the summer, as I wanted to stay creative during these 3 months. Because I really like the “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star” inspired theme, I will develop prints out of the inspiration I already have and take the whole project a step further. Basis for these illustrations and prints was the Chaos in Nature inspiration and print from earlier this year.  These are some first illustrations, prints, for the chaos in nature print, I will redevelop.

Doodles made on a plane

31/07/2015 / Sketches /

For me there is absolutely no better method to kill some time while being on a plane or waiting for a flight (I have to admit I am always on time…so much, that I always find myself two hours early at the airport, with the printed ticket in the hand and don’t know what to do with my time) than drawing.

When I had the joy of flying with a 6am flight last Christmas, I decided to spend the night at Heathrow, which seemed more pleasant to me than spending over two hours on 3 different nightbuses through whole London.To have something to do I took some pencils and paper with me. The time flew and I have (sadly in a way) never drawn so effectively in my whole life before. (there is definitely no distraction at night at Heathrow!)

Since then I am always drawing on flights or airports (it also keeps you calm and relaxed during a flight especially if there are some turbulences)

It is also interesting to see what I am drawing, when I am drawing without having any plan or inspiratiion. So here are two doodles from my recent flight from Vienna to London.