Doodles made on a plane

31/07/2015 / Sketches /

For me there is absolutely no better method to kill some time while being on a plane or waiting for a flight (I have to admit I am always on time…so much, that I always find myself two hours early at the airport, with the printed ticket in the hand and don’t know what to do with my time) than drawing.

When I had the joy of flying with a 6am flight last Christmas, I decided to spend the night at Heathrow, which seemed more pleasant to me than spending over two hours on 3 different nightbuses through whole London.To have something to do I took some pencils and paper with me. The time flew and I have (sadly in a way) never drawn so effectively in my whole life before. (there is definitely no distraction at night at Heathrow!)

Since then I am always drawing on flights or airports (it also keeps you calm and relaxed during a flight especially if there are some turbulences)

It is also interesting to see what I am drawing, when I am drawing without having any plan or inspiratiion. So here are two doodles from my recent flight from Vienna to London.