Working at Cass Art makes you want to buy things

10/09/2015 / Uncategorized /

I started working at Cass Art recently and since I started working there I saw a million things I want to/probably will buy in near future. I started with some Inktense water-blendable pencils from Derwent and my absolute favourite, a sketchbook/notebook from Ogami with paper made from stone. As I am usually not a big sketchbook user I never feel the need to buy one, except my teachers want me to do so. But with this one it is dfferent. I have never felt paper like this before. It is soft and as it is made from stone you can use watercolours and ink on it without damaging the very thin paper. I probably will never buy a different notebook again…

Also I am still working on my prints…so a quick update on these….